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At Forward and Up! your first lesson is always free! Come on in for a no-pressure demo and see if the Technique is right for you!

My standard rate is $50.00 per 45-minute lesson.

I also offer a discount on courses of lessons when purchased in advance, as follows:

15 Lessons: $47.00 per lesson
30 Lessons: $45.00 per lesson

Lessons can be paid for with cash, check or credit card. Cash or checks preferred, though (the credit card company charges a fee!)


Alexander used to recommend an initial course of 30 lessons, spaced as closely together as possible (ideally every day), in order for the bulk of the re-education work to be undertaken and reinforced right away. Given that this is often not practical with the busy work schedules of today’s world, I recommend a starting frequency of once or twice a week (though I am happy to meet more frequently if the student is interested).


Lessons take place in the Forward and Up studio in Greenfield. Plenty of street parking is available. The 58 Greenfield bus runs conveniently a block away, and lessons can easily be arranged to accommodate the bus schedule. Since lessons are by appointment only, the street address and directions are not made public – they will be provided when you contact Ellen to set up your free demo!

To schedule your free demo lesson, contact me at,
or call (412)-57-FWD-UP (412-573-9387).