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The mission of Forward and Up! is twofold. In addition to providing quality instruction in the Alexander Technique in a positive and supportive environment, Forward and Up! aims to bring students together into a community, thereby facilitating a deeper and more complete understanding of the Technique. Here are just some of the ways we are working to accomplish this.

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The Forward and Up Forum

The Alexander Technique is such a one-on-one experience that it is sometimes refreshing to have someone to talk to about the work besides your teacher. The Forward and Up Forum is a place where my current and past students meet to share and discuss their discoveries with other students like them.

NOTE: Posting in the Forum is restricted to current and past students of Ellen Stafford only. Students, please click the “Request Admission” link below and send me an email with the email address you wish to use, and I will send you your registration information. If you are not a student of mine but would like to be considered for admission to the forum pages, please send me an email at with your history of studying the Technique and your reasons for wanting admission. I reserve the right to refuse admission to the forums to anyone who has not had a lesson from me.

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