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What Is The Technique?

The Alexander Technique is centered on the idea that “use affects functioning,” in other words, how we use our body directly affects how well it functions.  In a course of private lessons, the teacher uses a combination of gentle hands-on guidance and verbal direction to help the student discover new experiences of moving and working with ease and efficiency.

The Technique was developed in the early 20th century by Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander.  He was living as a moderately successful Shakespearean reciter when he suddenly began losing his voice during performances.  His vocal troubles worsened until he could no longer give performances, and none of the doctors he consulted could figure out what was wrong.  Since the hoarseness only appeared when he was reciting and not when speaking normally, Alexander reasoned that it must be due to something he did while reciting.  He resolved to figure out what it was that he did, and how to stop doing it.  His experiments took several decades, but eventually he developed a reliable system for achieving and maintaining good use of the body, and soon began teaching others.

An Alexander lesson is a positive and constructive place, where teacher and student work one-on-one to return to a state of calm neutrality and growth potential.  We work together to figure out how you are unconsciously getting in your own way, and then we get you out of your own way and give improvement room to happen.  As Alexander teachers are fond of saying, “When you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself.”