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Quote of the Week 8/15/11

by Ellen on August 15th, 2011

“There is no such thing as a ‘right position,’ but there IS such a thing as a ‘right direction.’”

This quote serves as a reminder that in the Alexander philosophy, ‘poise’ is a matter of movement and energy, not of a specific shape to be gained and held. In the Technique we hesitate to use the word “posture,” because posture suggests a fixed alignment that is universal and static. In contrast, the Alexander Technique promotes a functional alignment, a sense of ‘poise’ that comes about through a relationship of the head and neck to the rest of the body. As the body moves, the head and neck also move. This is why we say there is no such thing as a ‘right position,’ because the exterior physical appearance of ‘poise’ will change as the body moves. The ‘right position’ will be different with every new thought or action. The ‘correct posture’ really manifests as movement, a combination of energetic directions that work together to keep the student poised throughout their daily activities, whatever those activities may entail.

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